Mindray™ BeneHeart C2 with Color Screen | Outdoor Package

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Discover the advanced Mindray BeneHeart C2 defibrillator combined with the reliable Rotaid Solid Plus Heat outdoor cabinet for optimal safety and protection. The Mindray BeneHeart C2 defibrillator is designed for precise monitoring and rapid response to cardiac arrest, while the Rotaid Solid Plus Heat outdoor cabinet maintains a stable temperature suitable for defibrillators. Whether it’s in public areas, businesses, or institutions, you can trust the Mindray BeneHeart C2 defibrillator and Rotaid Solid Plus Heat outdoor cabinet to be your reliable life-saving combination. Save lives with this powerful solution today.

Package contents:

  • 1 Mindray BeneHeart C2 BASIC Defibrillator with child button and multiple languages.
  • 1 Rotaid Solid Plus Heat outdoor cabinet.
  • 1 Mindray BeneHeart Battery and Multi-Electrodes for use on both children and adults.
  • 1 First Aid Kit.
  • 1 AED Sticker.
  • 1 A3 Defibrillator sign with instructions.



The Mindray™ BeneHeart C2 defibrillator is an advanced and reliable device specially designed to save lives in emergency situations. Its user-friendly interface and advanced technology make it easy to use, even for personnel without specialized training in cardiac arrest treatment.

The defibrillator utilizes SMART analysis technology to detect ventricular fibrillation and other arrhythmias, ensuring it can provide fast and reliable defibrillation precisely when needed to save a person’s life.

The BeneHeart C2 defibrillator is ergonomically designed, easy to transport, and store. It is also equipped with a large and clear display that allows the user to monitor the patient’s condition and make decisions based on real-time data. With the BeneHeart C2 defibrillator, you have a reliable tool for managing cardiac arrests and saving lives.

Key Features:

  • Multi languages.
  • Easy and quick switching between adult and child functions with a single button.
  • Equipped with ResQNavi™ technology, which evaluates the effectiveness level of the rescue effort and provides targeted intelligent instruction to rescuers of different experience levels. For inexperienced rescuers, the defibrillator will provide more guidance than for experienced ones.
  • A shock with 200J works for many people but not for all. The Mindray BeneHeart C2 has a unique feature that measures patient impedance and automatically raises the shock level to 360J, thereby increasing the chance of survival.
  • Initial shock is delivered at 150J, followed by 200J, and finally 360J.
  • Battery and electrodes have a lifespan of approximately 5 years.
  • IP55 water-/dust-resistant.
  • Equipped with a new QShock™ technology, which increases the likelihood of successful defibrillation by shortening the analysis time and charging time before delivering a shock. It takes less than 7 seconds to deliver the initial shock.
  • QShock™ significantly shortens the startup and heart rhythm analysis time but also performs pre-charging during the heart rhythm analysis process.